Glenwood Park Subdivision Water Main Improvements, City Project No. 84891

City Project No. 84891
Scope: The work shall consist of installing new water mains in the City of Burlingame. Bid Schedule A consists of approximately 1,580 linear feet of new 12-inch, 900 linear feet of new 8-inch, 1,690 linear feet of new 6-inch, and 10 linear feet of new 4-inch Ductile Iron Pipe (DIP) water main on Howard Ave., Cypress Ave., Carol Ave., East Carol Ave., Central Ave., and Crescent Ave. The existing water mains will be abandoned in place. The construction method is anticipated to be conventional open trench and the water main will typically be installed at three feet minimum cover. Water mains shall almost entirely be Ductile Iron Pipe throughout the entire project. Work also consists of installing new 1- and 2-inch water services totaling approximately 2,300 linear feet, and City-furnished water meters for customer service connections. Seven fire hydrant assemblies will be removed and replaced. Miscellaneous concrete and asphalt work will be performed as needed, and will consist of approximately 460 square feet of sidewalk, 60 square feet of concrete driveway, and 40 square feet of concrete cap work. Work will also require traffic control and miscellaneous concrete and asphalt repair for pavement restoration. Bid Schedule B includes work installing new 1- and 2-inch water services totaling approximately 600 linear feet, and City-furnished water meters for customer service connections at 17 locations outside of the Glenwood Park project area.

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