Glenwood Park Subdivision Water Main Improvements, City Project No. 84891

City Project No. 84891
Scope: The water main work consisted of the installation of approximately 1,580 linear feet of new 12-inch, 1,640 linear feet of new 8-inch, and 1,740 linear feet of new 6-inch Ductile Iron Pipe (DIP) water main on Howard Avenue, Cypress Avenue, Carol Avenue, East Carol Avenue, Central Avenue, Ralston Avenue, and Crescent Avenue. Additionally, the project replaced 156 individual water service lines for customer connections. Seven fire hydrant assemblies were removed and replaced with new fire hydrant assemblies. Miscellaneous concrete and asphalt work was performed as needed as part of the work. The new water system infrastructure will improve water quality, flow, and pressure to serve the residents in the area. In addition, the new system will improve fire protection capability for the residents in the affected area.

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