Building Division

Community Development Department
The Building Division is open for business. Phone calls are answered Monday-Friday from 8 am - noon, except for Thurs from 8-9. At all other times, you may leave a message and staff will return your call. We endeavor to return calls within one business day. You may also send an email to Building Division staff at buildingpermits@burlingame.org. We endeavor to respond to emails within one business day. We  conduct as much business as possible electronically. 

Visiting the Building Division: City Hall is open to the public, in compliance with COVID-19 safety protocols. The Building Department Counter is open Monday-Friday from 8 am - noon, except for Thursdays,  when the Counter is open from 9 am-noon.  A very limited number of appointments will be scheduled in the afternoon. For inquiries email buildingpermits@burlingame.org, or phone 650-558-7260.

New Plan Submittals:  The Building Division is accepting new permit submittals for projects that have already received Planning Commission approval, or for projects that do not require Planning Commission approval. Please email your project information to buildingpermits@burlingame.org.

Plan Re-Submittal / Revisions and Questions: The Building Division will continue to receive re-submittal of responses to plan check comments and revisions to active permits.  E-mail buildingpermits@burlingame.org for further instructions on your re-submittals .

Building Permit IssuanceIf you have been notified that your permit is approved and ready to be issued, and all conditions of approval have been completed, please e-mail buildingpermits@burlingame.org to schedule an appointment to pick up your permit and approved plans.

InspectionsBuilding inspections may be requested by calling 650-558-7260, or by sending an email to the Building Division at buildinginspections@burlingame.org.  Inspectors will ensure that jobsite safety procedures are in place.  Social distancing measures will be implemented where warranted.  Video apps and photos may be allowed in certain situations. 

Construction Fire Permits and Fire InspectionsFor information on construction fire permits and/or scheduling fire inspections for approved construction projects, please visit Central County Fire Department’s website,  http://www.ccfdonline.org/community/covid-19-update/.  You may also contact CCFD’s Fire Administration at 650-558-7600.

Permit Expirations: Contact the Building Division for information about the expiration date for your project, at 650-558-7260, or e-mail buildingpermits@burlingame.org.

The Building Division of the Community Development Department is responsible for plan checking construction documents, permit issuance, and field inspections of all buildings and structures built within the City. Once plans are approved and building begins, the Division inspects the work in progress assuring that minimum code compliance is achieved. The Division enforces the minimum requirements of California Building Codes, state and federal laws and local ordinances to ensure the safety of all structures. The Division also serves as a central clearinghouse, distributing plans to other departments to assure that a project complies with all the City’s requirements.

The information on this website should serve as a general guide.  Please contact the Building Division at 650-558-7260 to confirm and clarify information provided here and to receive updates.

Rick Caro

Chief Building Official

Phone 650-558-7260