Age-Friendly City

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As our population rapidly ages, the City of Burlingame wants to help our older adults live their best lives possible, but we need your help. Over the next three years we will research, create, implement, and communicate a workable plan that will focus on these eight areas:

  1. Communication and Information 
  2. Social Participation 
  3. Respect and Social Inclusion  
  4. Civic Participation and Employment
  5. Outdoor Spaces and Buildings 
  6. Community and Health Services 
  7. Transportation
  8. Housing 

Click below for samples of Age-Friendly City plans 

Age-Friendly City FAQ

Why are we doing this survey?
The City of Burlingame wants to optimize the opportunities for active aging by putting in place age-friendly services, settings, and structures to support age-related needs. To do this we need data and information which will tell us what areas need some improvement and help us to create an Action Plan (see sample Action Plans above).

Burlingame is a great city, how can you possibly improve it?
We agree! Burlingame is a great city. We scored high in most of the 8 focus areas but no city is perfect and we want a community that works for ALL residents, not most residents.

Is this survey anonymous?
Yes. There are no identifying questions or ways of knowing what answers you provided. Any demographic information will be used to make sure the survey respondents are representative of the city's population, and answers will be used in aggregate only.

Can I share this link with my friends and family?
Yes, please do, provided they reside in Burlingame and are over the age of 50.