The City operates and maintain over 100 miles of potable water system with six storage reservoirs. The City provides water services to Burlingame residents and businesses as well as the residents of Burlingame Hills in the unincorporated areas of San Mateo County. Learn more about the City’s water system, including water quality reports, here. For questions about your water and sewer bill, click here. 

The City maintains the sewer system, which consists of sewer mains in City streets and easements, the sewer lateral from the sewer cleanout at the City’s right-of-way to the sewer main, and 6 lift stations that move wastewater to the City’s Wastewater Treatment Facility for treatment and discharge to South San Francisco Treatment Plant for dechlorinating, before being discharged to the San Francisco Bay. 

The City maintains over 50 miles of the storm drain system which consists of pipes, channels, culverts, 5 pump stations, over 1,600 storm drain inlets, and over 300 manholes. Unlike wastewater, stormwater is not treated and any runoff that flows from the street and into the storm drains end up in local creeks and the San Francisco Bay. Learn how the City is managing stormwater runoff here. 

Solid Waste & Recycling
The City contracts with Recology San Mateo County for solid waste pickup.  Click on this link to access more information on the City’s site.  For general customer service information, please contact Recology San Mateo directly by visiting www.recology.com or calling 650-595-3900. 

The City of Burlingame has opted to purchase 100% renewable energy for all City municipal electricity accounts as part of Peninsula Clean Energy’s ECO100 rate and partnered with the Citizens Environmental Council on an ECO100 campaign.  Residents can learn more about Peninsula Clean Energy and energy efficiency in general by clicking here.  Residents also have the option to receive service from PG&E.