City Clerk

The State of California Government Code determines certain duties of the City Clerk.  The City Clerk is obligated to maintain custody of City records, serve as clerk for the City Council, record and maintain proceedings of the City Council, maintain custody of the City Seal, administer and file Oaths of Office, certify and record specific documents for the City, and serve as the City Election Officer. Since December 2013, the City Clerk position has been a City Manager-appointed position in Burlingame. It is the mission of the City Clerk to:

  • Provide timely information regarding City business and the City Council’s actions to the public
  • Accurately record, maintain and preserve City records
  • Provide quality customer service and inspire community involvement
  • Fulfill and uphold legal obligations with integrity
  • Support City departments by providing high quality and timely information processing
  • Research and disseminate information to facilitate decision making
  • Demonstrate professionalism and continually strive for excellence

Meaghan Hassel-Shearer

City Clerk

Phone 650-558-7203