Human Resources

 Thank you for visiting the Burlingame Human Resources Department.  Although City Hall is closed to the public in compliance with COVID-19 safety protocols, City staff is still working.  Responses and applications are being processed with only minor delays compared to normal operations.

 If you have any Human Resources-related questions, the fastest way to receive a response is to email smorrison@burlingame.org. You can also call and leave a voicemail at 650-558-7206.   Please allow 24 hours to receive an email response and up to two days to receive a telephone call response.


To stay connected during this time, HR will keep adding resources, benefits, notifications, information you need to know, and anything else of relevance here. This will include required notification of new benefits approved at the Federal or State level, and some great new benefit offerings to help you through this difficult time. Please keep an eye on this area periodically.

HR is available for all questions at the same phone numbers and email addresses we use. We are working and here to support you! Thank you for all you do.

Sonya, Mirene, Edith, and Stephanie (your HR Team)

The City of Burlingame strives to create an environment where differences are valued and diversity is integral to our success. The Human Resources Department is responsible for attracting, screening and retaining the City's workforce. The City is proud of its highly qualified, diverse, employee base and frequently offers a variety of worthwhile career opportunities in many different fields.  City of Burlingame prides itself on being an "Employer of Choice" and embraces a participative approach in managing the City and the Organization. Learn why our employees like working for the City in the video below!


The City of Burlingame envisions a workplace where diversity is valued for the strength it provides.  We are committed to maximizing the potential and involvement of all of our employees, thereby enhancing our environment and our level of service to the community.  We are dedicated to meeting the challenges of today and anticipate planning for the challenges of the future.  As a leader among city governments, the City of Burlingame will provide resources and opportunities to promote and facilitate the participation and success of every one of our employees.

The City of Burlingame believes that a diverse workforce provides value and strength both internally, in terms of the human resources potential offered by a variety of different perspectives, and externally, by increasing our ability to respond to an equally diverse community.  We are dedicated to assuring respect for all of our employees and to accommodating and learning from all of the different perspectives and values they contribute.  We envision a workplace where all people feel included in the continuous effort to provide quality services to our diverse community.

The City of Burlingame strives to create an environment where differences are valued and where all City employees are a productive part of a high performing team delivering quality services to our community members.

Sonya Morrison

Human Resources Director

Phone 650-558-7206