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Retirement of Community Development Director William Meeker and Appointment of Kevin Gardiner as Community Development Director

W Meeker CDD (labeled)Kevin Gardiner CDD (Labeled)
After a nearly four-decade career in community planning, eleven of which have been with the City of Burlingame, Community Development Director William Meeker has announced that he will retire from his position with the City of Burlingame effective July 6, 2018. City Manager Lisa Goldman recently announced that Planning Manager Kevin Gardiner, a five-year employee of the Community Development Department, will assume the position of Community Development Director effective July 9, 2018.

The Community Development Department's primary functions include the regulation of development on private properties, as well as support of the business community within Burlingame.  The Department consists of three divisions: Planning, Building, and Economic Development.

Planning Division 

The Planning Division maintains the City's General Plan and various Specific Plans and implements the policies outlined in these adopted Plans. It also maintains, updates, and administers the City's zoning regulations and sign regulations.  

Building Division 

The Building Division plan checks construction documents, building permit issuances and field inspections of all buildings and structures in Burlingame. The Division enforces the minimum requirements of California building codes, state and federal laws and local ordinances in an effort to ensure the safety of all building construction within the community.

Economic Development Division 

The Economic Development Division is dedicated to creating a positive business climate within Burlingame that promotes a thriving and vibrant business community. The City recognizes the important role business plays in supporting the high quality of life enjoyed by Burlingame residents. Division staff is committed to helping retain and expand existing businesses and to promote new commercial development within the City. 

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