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The City of Burlingame has received an application for construction of a new public nature/recreation park and education center building at 410 Airport Boulevard, zoned AA at time of application submittal (now BFC).

The proposed project is a collaboration between The Sphere Institute and the San Mateo Resource Conservation District.  The purpose of the project is to transform the vacant 9.4 acre parcel into a publicly-accessible nature-based park with a restored tidal marsh habitat, water recreation access, and education center.

Planning Commission Meeting - February 14, 2022
On February 14, 2022, the Planning Commission held a Design Review Study and Environmental Scoping meeting for the proposed project.  The staff report, attachments and proposed plans are provided below.

Staff Report
Proposed Plans

Project Details:

Zoning: BFC (Bayfront Commercial) - AA (Anza Area) when application was submitted
Site Area: 9.4 acres
Proposed Public Nature/Recreation Park & Education Center: Open space and 8,564 square foot building (13,951 SF including overhangs)
Parking: 28 parking spaces
Building Height: 1 story - 36 feet, 10 inches (to top of roof)


Project Planner
Ruben Hurin, Planning Manager

Applicant of Record

Greg Boro
The Sphere Institute
500 Airport Boulevard, Suite 340
Burlingame, CA  94010
(650) 219-8587

Ecological Consultants
H.T. Harvey & Associates
983 University Avenue, Building D
Los Gatos, CA  95032
(408) 458-3200

SERA Architects
304 12th Street, Suite 3A
Oakland, CA  94607
(510) 480-4988