S. El Camino Real Water Main Improvements & Bayside Water Valve Replacement

City Project Nos. 84890 & 85260

Scope: The work shall consist of installing new water mains in the City of Burlingame. Approximately 2,060 linear feet of new 12-inch, 4,500 linear feet of new 8-inch, 500 linear feet of new 6-inch, and 80 linear feet of new 4-inch Ductile Iron Pipe (DIP) or Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) water main on South El Camino Real with tie ins at the intersections of Sanchez Ave., Edgehill Dr., Forest View Ave., Palm Dr., Arc Way, Willow Ave., Fairfield Rd., Oak Grove Ave., Floribunda Ave., Bellevue Ave., Chapin Ave., Burlingame Ave., Howard Ave., Newlands Ave., Primrose Rd., Bayswater Ave., Cypress Ave., Carol Ave., Park Rd., and Peninsula Ave. For South El Camino Real, the existing water mains will be abandoned in place. The construction method is anticipated to be conventional open trench and the water main will typically be installed at three-and-a-half feet minimum cover in the Caltrans right of way and three minimum cover within Burlingame right of way. Water mains shall be Ductile Iron Pipe (DIP) within Caltrans right of way and PVC Pipe within Burlingame right of way. Work also consists of installing new 1- and 2-inch water services, approximately 1,800 linear feet, to existing water meters for customer connections. Eleven fire hydrant assemblies will be removed and replaced, four new fire hydrant assemblies will be installed, and a total of two 2”, eleven 4”, and one 6” fire service connections will be installed. Miscellaneous concrete and asphalt work will be performed as needed, and will consist of approximately 1,300 square feet of sidewalk, 500 square feet of concrete driveway, 300 linear feet of curb and gutter, and 500 square feet of concrete cap work.

The Bayside Water Valve replacement work shall consist of replacing two 10” butterfly valves and two 8” gate valves on two different sites in the City of Burlingame. One site is near Gilbreth Rd. and Stanton Rd., and the other site is between Adrian Rd. and David Rd. Work will also consist of traffic control and miscellaneous concrete and asphalt work for pavement restoration.

Project Status: Water main installation is complete.  Installation of service lines and the new water system is being connected to the existing system.  Bayside valve replacement is 50% complete. Project completion is anticipated to be in June 2022. (Updated 4/2022)

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