Hillside and Skyview Reservoir Site Improvements

City Project No. 85270

This project consists of improvements at two sites, Skyview Reservoir and Hillside Reservoir. Skyview Reservoir's existing retaining wall will be replaced with a new Allan Block fieldstone retaining wall. Hillside Reservoir will gain a second access point to the reservoir to make necessary maintenance repairs.

 The City of Burlingame intends to make improvements at Hillside Reservoir on 2832 Hillside Drive by installing a new concrete driveway and asphalt concrete pavement. The driveway is 25ft long and leads into an asphalt concrete paved parking space approximately 31ft x 14ft. A new 16ft wide gate approximately 20ft from the driveway will be installed across a 15ft x 20ft asphalt concrete paved area. The area is encompassed by a fence with a new pedestrian gate. The City of Burlingame also intends to reconstruct the Skyview Reservoir retaining wall at 1321 Skyview Drive. A new Allan Block fieldstone retaining wall, approximately 183ft long with a max height of 3ft 4in, tall will replace the current wood retaining wall. About 8 inches of the Allan Block will be embedded into the ground as well as approximately 4in of perforated polyvinyl chloride to connect to the solid wall 4in polyvinyl chloride in the sidewalk and to the existing storm drain inlet. In addition, there will be approximately 4843 SF of new AC pavement installed.

Project Status: This project is in the closeout phase and will be presented to City Council for acceptance once all work items are completed. This project is anticipated to be completed by March 2021. (Updated: 3/4/2021) 

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