30 Ingold Road

Mixed-Use Development
Rollins Rd   Ingold Rd
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The City of Burlingame has approved an application for construction of 
a new seven-story, 298-unit mixed-use development at 30 Ingold Road, within the RRMU (North Rollins Road Mixed-Use) District. 

The subject site, located at the corner of Ingold Road and Rollins Road, is currently occupied by an existing 65,250 square foot commercial building, surface parking, and landscaping.   The Project includes demolition of these features and construction of a new seven-story, 298-unit mixed use development consisting of 217, 1-bedroom units, and 81, 2-bedroom units. Unit sizes range from 661 to 927 square feet for the 1-bedroom units and between 960 and 1,307 for the 2-bedroom units.  Approximately 14 percent of the residential units (43 units) will be provided for rent at rates affordable to Low Income Households making 80% of area median income as defined by San Mateo County for a period of fifty-five years.

The Project includes 4,060 square feet of commercial/office space on the ground floor and a public park to be dedicated to the City.  Parking would be provided in an at-grade garage, containing two levels of parking with a total of 358 parking spaces.

Planning Commission Meeting - October 13, 2020
On Tuesday, October 13, 2020, the Planning Commission approved the project.  The staff report, attachments and proposed plans are provided below.

Staff Report
Project Plans
CEQA Class 32 Infill Exemption
Appendix A - Transportation Impact Analysis (TIA)
Appendix B - Tree Report
Appendix C - Environmental Site Assessment Reports
Appendix D - Biological Report
Appendix E - Noise Study
Appendix F - Traffic Noise
Appendix G - Air Quality Assessment
Appendix H - Historic Architecture Evaluation

Planning Commission Environmental Scoping and Design Review Study Meeting - April 27, 2020
An Environmental Scoping and Design Review Study meeting was held with the Planning Commission on Monday, April 27, 2020.   The staff report, attachments and proposed plans are provided below.

Staff Report
Project Plans

The following are pertinent details regarding the proposed development:

Zoning: RRMU (North Rollins Road Mixed-Use) District
Site Area: 3.196 Acres
Proposed Units: 298 (including 43 units affordable to Low Income Households (80% AMI))
Proposed Commercial: 4,060 square feet
Building Height: 7 stories, 79 feet 3 inches
Proposed Public Access (Park to be dedicated to City): 18,478 square feet


Staff Planner

'Amelia Kolokihakaufisi, Associate Planner

Project Applicant
SummerHill Apartment Communities
c/o Elaine Breeze