Short Term Rental Program

The City of Burlingame's short term rental registration website is now open at https://burlingame-ca-str.deckard.com/. All lodging businesses and private home vacation rentals within the City of Burlingame are now required to register with the city. 

To file a complaint regarding a short term rental in Burlingame, please visit https://burlingame-ca-str-complaints.deckard.com/ or by phoning the 24-hour hotline at 844-234-7371.

About the Program
The term "short term rentals" (STRs) pertains to the rental of existing residential units to occupants on a short-term basis, defined as a period of thirty (30) consecutive calendar days or less.

The City of Burlingame's short-term rental program has been established to:

  • Allow limited short-term rental uses while preventing the loss of housing stock;
  • Preserve residential character and establish operating standards to reduce potential noise, parking, traffic, property maintenance and safety impacts on adjacent neighbors; and
  • Provide a registration process for the City to track and enforce these requirements as needed and ensure appropriate collection of transient occupancy

"Un-hosted" short-term rentals (where an entire home or apartment is rented without the owner or primary resident onsite) are allowed up to 120 days per year. There is no limit on "hosted" rentals where the owner or primary resident is onsite.

The City's Short Term Rental Ordinance (Municipal Code Chapter 6.56) sets forth the following requirements:

  • Primary Residency: Short-term rental operators must provide proof of primary residence, which would demonstrate that the homeowner or long-term renter lives at the residence a majority of the year. Full-time short-term rentals with no homeowner or long-term rental on site are not permitted. 
  • Limited Un-hosted Rental Days: Un-hosted short-term rentals (where the owner or primary resident is not onsite) are limited to 120 days per year. There is no limit on hosted rentals where the owner or primary resident is onsite.
  • Prohibition of Special Events: The ordinance prohibits special events such as weddings, parties, and commercial functions.
  • Limiting Number of Concurrent Listings: Concurrent listings refers to hosting multiple groups of guests on the same property at the same time (for example, renting out each bedroom individually as separate listings). The ordinance limits the number of listings to one listing and one group of guests for the same primary residence per day. 
  • Use of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) as Short-Term Rentals: State law prohibits municipalities from allowing ADUs to be rented for less than 30 days as short-term rentals (AB 881SB 13, AB 68[1]).
  • Onsite Parking: The ordinance requires that any onsite parking, including garage and driveway, is made available to short-term renters.
  • Authorized Agent Requirement (Local Contact Person): The ordinance requires that an authorized agent is made available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week during the term of any un-hosted stay. The authorized agent must be identified on the Short-Term Rental Application, and the agent must respond to telephone and email messages within 30 minutes and must be on site within one hour of notification of complaints regarding condition or operation of the dwelling unit or the conduct of guests and take remedial action to resolve such complaints.
  • Noise and Refuse and Recycling Requirements. The ordinance requires that short-term rentals comply with the City’s Noise Ordinance as well as meet standards regarding refuse and recycling for the short-term rental. Complaints can be filed through this link, or by calling the 24-hour hotline at 844-234-7371 .
  • Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) Collection: The ordinance requires that transient occupancy taxes be collected for short-term rentals and paid to the City.  Once a short term rental permit is issued, TOT may be remitted here
Short-Term Rental Registration - Short-term rental hosts are required to register their primary residence as a short-term rental with the City of Burlingame. The short term rental fee is $200.00 for initial registration and $100.00 for annual renewal. These are fixed fees and not refundable, so please check the eligibility of your rental before you apply. Short-term rentals that utilize Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) and full-time rentals where the entire property is rented without a host are not eligible. To register, please visit https://burlingame-ca-str.deckard.com/. If you have questions about eligibility, contact the Planning Division at 650-558-7250 or planningdept@burlingame.org

Business License - The Municipal Code requires that any person who engages in a business in Burlingame must obtain and maintain a valid business license. Short-term rental operators are required to obtain a business license once a short term rental application is approved. The business license application fee is based on annual gross receipts (see Code Section 6.08.020 for more detailed information), together with an AB1379 state fee of $4.00. Click here for information on Business License application/payment requirements.

It is important for hosts/operators to adhere to the requirements for operating a short-term rental. Owners are also responsible for ensuring their renters and their guests comply with this Ordinance.