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December 13, 2021 Planning Commission Meeting (7 pm)
Pursuant to Resolution 142-2021 and AB 361 the Monday, December 13, 2021 Planning Commission meeting will be held via Zoom.  The Council Chambers will not be open to the public for the Planning Commission meeting.

To access the meeting by computer:                                 To access the meeting by phone:
Go to www.zoom.us/join                                                       Dial 1-346-248-7799
Webinar ID: 820 5447 9211                                                    Webinar ID: 820 5447 9211 
Passcode: 559494                                                                  Passcode: 559494 

There are two ways to provide written comments to the Planning Commission:

  1. Write the Planning Commission. If you would like to send written correspondence to the full Planning Commission in advance of the meeting, you may email PlanningCommissioners@Burlingame.orgThis option is equivalent to writing a letter to the commission. All commissioners will receive email correspondence sent to this address directly. We recommend that comments be sent prior to the meeting, as commissioners cannot check email during the meeting itself. 

  2. Submit a comment to be read "from the podium" during the meeting. If you would like to send correspondence for staff to read out loud as a public comment during the meeting, you may email your comments to publiccomment@burlingame.orgThis option is equivalent to addressing the commission from the speaker podium. Commissioners will not receive copies of this correspondence before the meeting, but the comments will be read out loud by staff at the applicable public comment portion for the item (with a three-minute time limit). Please refer to additional guidance provided below.

The City of Burlingame will publish the meeting agenda on Friday, December 10, 2021. The agenda will contain the staff report and related documents for each application.   You may view the proposed plans for projects scheduled on the Planning Commission agenda by clicking on one of the following links (please note that for privacy concerns, plans for residential projects posted below do not include floor plans):

Consent Calendar
7a - 1215 Vancouver Avenue
7b - Adopt Planning Commission Calendar for 2022

Study Items

Regular Action Items

8a - 3051 Arguello Drive

8b - 9 Victoria Road
8c - 1556 Cypress Avenue
8d - 1235 Paloma Avenue

Design Review Study Items
9a - 1534 Hoover Avenue - pending

Public Comments During Planning Commission Meetings
To ensure the community's safety and out of an abundance of precaution, the City has set up an email address for public comments during Planning Commission meetings.

In order to encourage social distancing and slow the spread of COVID-19, the City has set up publiccomment@burlingame.org

If you would like to comment at the Planning Commission meeting, please email your comment or question on an Agenda item for public comment to publiccomment@burlingame.org.   Staff will be checking this email account regularly during the meeting.  Your comment will be read out loud (with a three-minute time limit) at the appropriate time.  Example: If your comment pertains to a particular staff report, your comment will be read when the Commission Chair opens the item for public comment.

To assist staff, please label what your comment is regarding in the subject line of your email.

Please note, Planning Commissioners will not receive correspondence sent to publiccomment@burlingame.org in advance of the meeting, but these comments will be read out loud by staff during the meeting (with a three-minute time limit). If you would like to send correspondence to the commissioners for their review prior to the meeting, please direct correspondence to PlanningCommissioners@Burlingame.org.

The public may also provide comments during the meeting, either orally at the designated public 

Planning Commission Meeting videos are arranged by date, with the most recent at the top of the list. Click Video to watch the meeting with documents, or Agenda/Minutes to see just the documents. To submit correspondence to the Planning Commission via email, use the following email address:  PlanningCommissioners@Burlingame.org

» Windows Media Player is required to view the videos and Adobe Reader to view the documents. Links for free downloads are available on the bottom of this page.