Building General

What forms do I need to complete for a roofing permit?

Re-Roofing Application - Complete this form for all re-roofing jobs.

Owner-Builder Declaration - Complete this form if you will be doing the work yourself or hiring licensed contractors to assist you with the work. [download form]

When is the Building Department open?
Office Hours:  The Building Department Counter is open  weekday mornings, 8-12, with the exception of Thursdays, which is 9-12.   Call 650-558-7260. 

What is the location, and phone number,  for the Building Division?
We are located in the Burlingame City Hall at 501 Primrose Road Burlingame, second floor. Get a Google Map.  Phone: (650) 558-7260.
Where can I find a copy of the California Building Codes?
A complete set of the California Building Codes can be found in the Reference Section of the Burlingame Main Library.
Why does Burlingame encourage Green Building techniques?
Burlingame recognizes the need to promote a more sustainable community and green building techniques enhance our natural environment by increasing energy efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, conserving water, preserving natural resources and providing healthier environments.
Where can I find the expiration date on my building permit?
The expiration date for your permit can be found on the front of the Building Permit, in the lower right-hand corner.  Call the Building Department at 650-558-7260 for updated information about your permit.
How do I get archived building permit information?
Please call 650-558-7260 for information on archived permits.

Building - Roofing Permits

What forms do I need to complete for a roofing permit?

What are the inspections for a reroof?
You will need either one inspection, an In-Progress Final Inspection, or two inspections, a Sheathing Inspection and a Final Inspection

The requirements for each are as follows:


  • In-Progress Final Inspection (1) (*Does not apply to Flat Roofs)>
    • Type: Single-family residential
    • Materials: Shingles, shake, composition or fiberglass
    • Form: Complete the In-Progress Inspection form
    • Before scheduling the inspection:
      • Remove old roofing material, if applicable;
      • Expose original sheathing, or apply new sheathing;
      • Call for In-Progress Final Inspection; begin work on new roof;
      • Complete at least 3-courses, but no more than 50% of the new roof prior to inspection.

Building Inspection

Can we cancel an inspection on the same day it is scheduled?
You cancel an inspection if you call the Inspection Request line at 650-558-7260 before 9:00 a.m. on the day of the inspection.
How do I get archived building permit information?
Call 650-558-7260 for information about archived material.