General Building Information

When is the Building Department open?
Office Hours:  The Building Department is open for walk-ins, weekday mornings, M-F, 8 AM -12 PM,  but  Thursdays, which are only from 9 AM -12 PM.  

We respond to phone calls and emails M-F,  8 AM -12 PM and 1 PM to 5 PM. 

What is the location, and phone number,  for the Building Division?
We are located in the Burlingame City Hall at 501 Primrose Road Burlingame, second floor.  Phone: (650) 558-7260.
Why does Burlingame encourage Green Building techniques?
Burlingame recognizes the need to promote a more sustainable community and green building techniques enhance our natural environment by increasing energy efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, conserving water, preserving natural resources and providing healthier environments.
Where can I find a copy of the California Building Codes?
The California Building Codes can be found in the reference section of the Burlingame Main Library
When can I find the expiration date for my permit?
The expiration date is on the bottom right-hand corner on the front of the permit card.
Call the Building Department if you have questions about your expiration date, (650) 558-7260.

What forms do I need for a Roofing Permit?

Building Inspection

How do I schedule a Building Inspection?
Email Buildinginspections@burlingame.org, or, call (650) 558-7260
Can we cancel an inspection on the same day it is scheduled?
You cancel an inspection if you call the Inspection Request line at 650-558-7260 before 9:00 a.m. on the day of the inspection.
How do I get archived building permit information?
Call 650-558-7260 for information about archived material.