Sewer Systems

  • Sewer System1The City maintains the sewer system within the City boundaries. Backups found on this system should be reported to the Sewer Department 558-7670. Unincorporated Burlingame Hills is served by the County of San Mateo.
  • With few exceptions, the sewer system is gravity fed to lift stations located in the industrial sections of town, then to the Treatment Plant at 1103 Airport Boulevard.
  • The City maintains the sewer mains in the streets or utility easements plus the connected piping from the sewer cleanout at the City’s right-of-way to the sewer main. (Note that buildings constructed prior to the mid-1960s were not required to install a cleanout in the City’s right-of-way and City crews can’t relieve backups on private property)
  • California Water Environment Association www.cwea.org 
    The City of Burlingame is a member of CWEA. CWEA is a not-for-profit association of 7,700-plus professionals in the wastewater industry. CWEA is committed to keeping California's water clean. CWEA train and certify wastewater professionals, disseminate technical information, and promote sound policies to benefit society through protection and enhancement of our water environment. CWEA offer services at the state level and locally through 17 geographical local sections. To find out more about CWEA please visit the website.
  • Sewer System2In 1986 the City Council passed an ordinance requiring sewer laterals to be tested when new water fixtures are installed in a building or when properties are sold (Sewer Lateral Test Procedures). See ordinances and policy memo. If no cleanout exists in the City’s right-of-way, the owner is required to install one for testing purposes. Building and Encroachment permits are required for sewer pipe for installation for the cleanout and/or sewer pipe repair.
  • Sewer piping for new construction shall require a new connection on the City’s sewer main. Existing pipe connections on the sewer main shall be removed and pipe ends capped if piping is abandoned in place.
  • Contractors working in the City of Burlingame shall be licensed by the State of California and have a Burlingame Business License. Contractors working in the roadway shall have a “Class A,” General Engineering Contractor’s License and shall provide the Public Works Department with proof of insurance in accordance with Section 7 of the Department of Transportation Standard Specifications with the City named as additionally insured. 
  • Water from rain runoff and/or underground springs should be piped to the City’s right-of-way and shall not be connected to the sewer main.
  • Fees and bonds for fire system improvements.

Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP) - Revised April 2018