US-101/Peninsula Avenue Interchange Improvements Status Update

The proposed US-101/Peninsula Avenue Interchange project's purpose is to develop and evaluate design alternatives to improve the US-101/Peninsula Avenue Interchange in San Mateo. Peninsula Avenue is a major gateway to the City of San Mateo and the City of Burlingame. The proposed project will relocate the existing US-101 southbound on- and off-ramps from East Poplar Avenue to Peninsula Avenue to eliminate the partial interchange condition and create a single, full access interchange at Peninsula Avenue and Airport Boulevard.

 The project seeks to improve access into north San Mateo, south Burlingame and key local destinations including the residential and business communities within the Peninsula Avenue interchange area.

Last spring, the San Mateo Public Works Department hosted two community meetings, one in San Mateo and one in Burlingame, to discuss the proposed US-101/Peninsula Avenue Interchange improvements. The presentation and meeting summary from those meetings can be found by clicking this link

The community meetings were interactive, and gathered input from both the Burlingame and San Mateo communities on concepts for the interchange design and traffic study intersections. The meeting format also included time for attendees to give additional input by working in groups at tables. The table groups were asked to focus on providing input about the street intersection and roadway segment traffic counts to be included in the proposed traffic analysis.

As a result, the project team added five additional street intersections and nineteen roadway segments to the traffic analysis. The project’s traffic analysis will now analyze a total of 29 intersections and 31 roadway segments.

Since late last spring, the project team has been taking traffic counts at additional study intersections and roadway segments and working with Burlingame to develop traffic forecast assumptions that take into account the current growth on the east side of US- 101 in Burlingame. Those assumptions are now finalized and approved by Caltrans and the partner agencies. The project team expects the traffic model runs to be completed this summer. Once the updated traffic information is available, the project engineers will need to look at the project design alternatives to make sure the traffic is accommodated in the designs.

A community meeting will be scheduled in fall 2018 to share the traffic information and the design alternatives.

Thank you for your continued interest in this project. For any further information please contact Bethany Lopez, Senior Engineer with the City of San Mateo at 650-522-7313 or  blopez@cityofsanmateo.org  and Andrew Wong, Senior Civil Engineer  with the City of Burlingame at at 650-558-7237 or awong@burlingame.org.