Emergency Evacuation Preparedness

In the event of an evacuation order due to an emergency situation (hazardous spill, severe weather conditions, active shooter, fire, etc.), you may receive an SMCAlert indicating the evacuation status for your zone. But first, you will need to sign up for SMCAlerts and you need know your zone name!

Take these steps now to be prepared: 1
1. Sign up for SMCAlerts: https://hsd.smcsheriff.com/smcalert
2. Identify your zone name: https://community.zonehaven.com/?latlon=37.5817825697369,-122.34561778345233&z=11.848587811931846
3. Print the evacuation zone template with your zone name on it and keep it someplace handy: https://myzone.zonehaven.com/assets/images/cardx2.png

Watch this video to see how an evacuation notice works during a wild fire: https://www.ktvu.com/video/942805