$1,031,000 Saved in Electricity Bills in 2018

City of Burlingame customers saved $1,031,000 on their electricity bills in 2018 with Peninsula Clean Energy (PCE), while also earning national recognition for their commitment to renewable energy. Peninsula Clean Energy consistently sets its rates at 5% below PG&E’s electricity generation rates for its ECOplus product, resulting in millions of dollars of savings annually across its 290,000 customers.  More than 97 percent of San Mateo County households and businesses purchase their electricity through Peninsula Clean Energy, and collectively saved an estimated $18 million in 2018.

This year, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognized the City of Burlingame as a Green Power Partner, based on its commitment to purchase 100 percent renewable energy for municipal operations through PCE’s voluntary ECO100 program. 
The EPA also recognized the City as a new member of its national Green Power Community program, based on community members’ use of PCE’s ECOplus clean energy mix containing at least 50 percent renewable energy. 
Peninsula Clean Energy exceeds not only the EPA’s clean energy targets, but also California’s ambitious goals. PCE plans to provide 100 percent renewable energy by 2025, while the statewide goal is currently set at 60 percent renewable by 2030. Click here if you'd like to opt up to using 100% renewable energy in your home.