Bike Sharing in Burlingame

The City of Burlingame is excited to introduce a six month bike sharing pilot in Burlingame. The bike sharing program will be operated by LimeBike, a company headquartered in San Mateo with bike sharing programs nationwide.

The LimeBikes will be available around town. Rides will cost $1 every 30 minutes. To ride, riders need to download the app onto their smartphone, scan the bike number, strap on a helmet, ride, enjoy and park smart.

Bike sharing will only work if bikes are parked responsibly and in places that do not block traffic, pedestrian access, wheelchair access, or private property. Bikes should be parked by bike racks and on sidewalks away from the pedestrian walkway.

If riders have any problems or concerns with a LimeBike contact LimeBike's 24/7 customer service: call or text 1-888-LIME-345, or email support@limebike.com.

Use the promo code "CityofTrees" in the LimeBike app for 5 free rides.

Ride, enjoy, and park smart!