Green Your Home

From electrification to landscaping , learn about the many ways to Green Your Home.

Switching from gas appliances to electric appliances will save you money and reduce emissions that contribute to climate change and pollution. 

the switch is on The Switch is On: Resources to electrify your home

Find a local contractor

Find rebates and incentives

Speak with an expert on heat pumps, solar, and battery storage

Heat Pumps

How do heat pumps work?
Heat pumps transfer heat rather than creating it by burning gas. Heat pumps deliver hot water much more efficiently than gas burning water heaters.

Heat Pump Water Heater Rebates
Peninsula Clean Energy: $3,000
BayREN: $1,000

Heat Pump Water HVAC Rebates
Peninsula Clean Energy: $3,000
BayREN: $1,000

Guide to Installing Water Heat Pumps
Step by step instructions for how to find, install, and get rebates for a water heat pump.


Solar & Battery Backup Rebate

Peninsula Clean Energy: $500


Heat Pump Clothes Dryer Rebate

BayREN: $300

induction cooktop
Induction Cooktop Loaner Program:
Borrow a portable cooktop for two weeks to cook with at home.

Induction Cooktop Rebate
BayREN: $700


Electric Vehicles

Explore electric vehicles (EV) and take advantage of EV rebates
and benefits. PG&E is offering $500 Clean Fuel Rebate for EVs.
California offers up to $7,000 in EV rebates. 

Find a local EV charging stations

lawnbegone Lawn Be Gone! Program

Receive a rebate of up to $500 to replace your water intensive lawn with a water-efficient landscape. To get started, create and online account and apply online here.
 toolkit Home Energy Toolkit

The Check-It-Out Home Energy and Water Saving Toolkit  provides free resources for residents to perform abasic assessment of the efficiency of their home energy and water use and to improve it where possible. 
Check out what comes in the toolkit!
 compact_fluorescent_bulbs  Energy Efficiency

Get a free consultation with a Home Energy Advisor through BayREN.


Recycle E-Waste

Take your e-waste
to Green Citizen or other drop-off services to recycle anything
that plugs in or runs on batteries.


Waste less, recycle more

Choose reusable over disposable, such
as reusable water bottles over plastic bottles; reusable bags over
plastic bags; and purchase products with minimal packaging.
Aim for zero waste by composting and recycling as much as