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Burlingame’s Bayfront is located between Highway 101 and the San Francisco Bay in Burlingame. The area is low lying and exposed to flood risks and sea level rise hazards. Existing riprap floodwalls provide only minimal protection. The area is vulnerable to storm surges and flooding; in future decades there will likely be inundation. 

The City of Burlingame is studying the potential impacts of sea level rise on the Bayfront and adaptation strategies to reduce future flood risks. This effort, known as Sea Change Burlingame, is a high-level assessment that builds upon San Mateo County's Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment completed for the Bayfront and other study areas along the Bay shoreline. The project will inform policies and future planning efforts and focus on identifying a range of adaptation options.  The project includes community engagement to gain an understanding of the issues involved with the Bayfront.  Sea Change Burlingame is supported by Climate Ready SMC, an initiative of the County of San Mateo Office of Sustainability.  

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