Peninsula Clean Energy

The City of Burlingame is part of Peninsula Clean Energy (PCE) San Mateo County's electricity provider that delivers cleaner and greener electricity at lower rates.

Peninsula Clean Energy is a community choice energy (CCE) program - a state mandated program that  allows local governments to pool the electricity demand of their communities to purchase power with high renewable content. The County of San  Mateo and all twenty of its cites collaboratively launched PCE. PCE offers low rates and a choice of two electricity options - ECOplus with at least 50% renewable energy and ECO100 with 100% renewable energy content.

In January 2021, PCE will be providing 100% greenhouse gas free electricity at its default rate, ECOplus. The opt-up rate, ECO100, will invest in 100% renewable electricity. 

Burlingame is an Eco Hero!
The City of Burlingame  is purchasing  100% renewable electricity for all of its municipal accounts and is encouraging the City's residents and businesses to do the same. Sign up to ECO100 and power your home or business with 100% renewable clean energy.