Burlingame-Millbrae Bikeshare

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Spin, In partnership with the Cities of Burlingame and Millbrae, has launched a joint bikeshare program.

Riders are able to rent e-bikes for use within the cities of Millbrae and Burlingame.  Riders are encouraged to park in one of many corrals located within each city and will receive discounts on future rides simply for parking in the marked corrals.  Bike corrals are conveniently located near major transit stations (the Millbrae intermodal transit station, Burlingame Caltrain Station, and Broadway Caltrain Station), near shopping and restaurants (Downtown Burlingame, Downtown Millbrae, Broadway), and near parks and libraries.

Riders are also permitted to park outside of corrals; however, riders are unable to ride or park in certain portions of each city (marked within the Spin app).  Additionally, riders who choose to park outside of corrals will not receive discounts.

Please note that riders must be 18 years or older.

Download the Spin app
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Where can riders park the bikes?

Riders receive discounts on future rides if they end their rides inside of corrals.  However, riders are not required to park in corrals.  Riders may also park at bike racks, on the sidewalk (as long as there is a minimum of three feet for pedestrians to pass bikes on the sidewalk), in parks, in the dirt/gravel next to the sidewalk.  Riders are not permitted to park in the streets, on private property, or in a manner that blocks the entrance to buildings.  

Who do I call if there is a problem with the bike?

Call Spin at 1(888) 249-9698 or email at support@spin.pm

How much money did the City spend on the program?

The Cities received a grant from the San Mateo County Transportation Authority, funded by Measure W.  The Cities will only expend grant funds on the bikeshare. No other city funds will be used.

Which types of bikes will be deployed?

The only vehicles in this program are pedal assist bikes.  Riders will be required to pedal, but pedaling will be easier than on a fully manual bike.  All bikes have a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour.

How many bikes will be deployed?

Spin will start by deploying a limited number of bikes throughout each city, but eventually there will be 200 e-bikes total.

Will there be scooters too?

 No.  At this time, this program consists solely of bikes.

How much does it cost to rent bikes?

It costs $1.00 to unlock a bike, plus $0.42 per minute of the ride.  Additionally, Spin will offer membership programs which waive the unlock fee, as well as discounted rides to low income riders.  Please note that prices may be subject to change. 

The City frequently offers discounts, so make sure to check the Spin app!

Is there a discounted rate for low-income users?

Yes. Spin has a discounted rate program for low income riders called "Spin Access."  To qualify, riders must be enrolled in a local, State, or Federal assistance program.   Those who are interested in Spin Access can sign up here: https://web.spin.pm/spin_access/usa

Once a rider is enrolled in Spin Access, the unlock fee will change to $0.50 plus and rides will cost $0.10 per minute.

How was Spin selected to operate the program?

A Request for Proposals was issued on June 21, 2022. An evaluation committee with representatives from Burlingame and Millbrae reviewed and ranked proposals based on the following criteria: responsiveness to the RFP, experience with municipal bike sharing programs, pricing, financial capacity, adequacy and quality of electric bikes and other equipment, user experience, and add-on elements. Following the application period and interviews, Spin received the highest score.

Will parking spots be repurposed for corrals?

At this time, no public parking will be used for bike parking. Corrals in the public right of way have been carefully selected to avoid blocking the flow of traffic and pedestrians.

Can non-Spin bikes park in Spin designated bike racks?

Any bikes can be parked at public bike racks.  Spin riders will be an incentivized to park within parking corrals, but any bikes can be parked at the bike racks.