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Burlingame's 2015 Emissions Inventory
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GHG Emissions in 2005 vs. 2015
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Climate Action Targets
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2030 Reduction Goal
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CAP Reduction Strategy - 20 Measures
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Buildings and GHGs
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What You Can Do
  1. Enroll in ECO100 -  ECO100, Peninsula Clean Energy's 100% renewable electricity rate, is the easiest and cheapest way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, and purchase renewable energy. 
  2. Try a commute alternative. Cars are the largest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution in the Bay Area. Try alternatives to driving to work like biking, carpooling, and transit. 
  3. Explore electric vehicles (EV) and take advantage of EV rebates and benefits. PG&E is offering $500 Clean Fuel Rebate for EVs. California offers up to $7,000 in EV rebates. 
  4. Waste less, recycle more. Choose reusable over disposable, such as reusable water bottles over plastic bottles; reusable bags over plastic bags; and purchase products with minimal packaging. Aim for zero waste by composting and recycling as much as possible. Take our waste quiz to test your recycling knowledge. 
  5. Recycle e-waste. Thrown away e-waste pollutes the environment and wastes precious metals that can be reused. Take your e-waste to Green Citizen or other drop-off services to recycle anything that plugs in or runs on batteries.
  6. Be water efficient. Update your toilet. Use low-flow showerheads and sink aerators.  Use drought-tolerant landscaping. Check for broken sprinkler heads. Wash full loads of laundry. Check for leaks.
  7. Be energy efficient. Switch to LED lights. Insulate and weatherize your home. Use efficient appliances. Turn off the lights and gadgets not in use.