Climate Action Plan

The City of Burlingame's Climate Action Plan Update (CAP) presents the City's blueprint for responding CAP Coverto the challenge of climate change.  Burlingame is committed to addressing climate change locally and the City's CAP (adopted 2019) outlines our climate strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Burlingame within the target years. The CAP includes the following:

  • An emission inventory of  existing greenhouse gas emission sources in Burlingame
  • Reduction targets to lower annual GHG emissions by 40% in 2030, 60% in 2040, and 80% by 2050
  • 20 measures including strategies to reach zero waste, procure 100% renewable electricity, support green building and electric vehicles, and significantly cut exhaust emissions
  • An Implementation Plan to track progress 
  • A Checklist for new developments to ensure they are integrating CAP measures in their projects
Entire Climate Action Plan Document 
CAP Appendices
CAP CEQA Review - EIR Addendum
Climate Action Dashboard - explore the City's emission inventory 

2009 Climate Action Plan and 2010 Community Wide Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory

Climate Resources and Efforts:
Beacon Spotlight Award - the City was awarded 4 Spotlight awards for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and implementing climate actions.

Climate Mayors Network Burlingame's City Council adopted a resolution to support the Paris Climate Agreement and join the Climate Mayors Network. The Paris Climate Agreement is an agreement among countries to limit greenhouse gases and prevent global temperatures from increasing above 2 degrees. It is non-binding and was signed by 196 parties in December 2015 in Paris. The Climate Mayors Network is a network of over 200 mayors from around the country committed to climate actions. 

The Citizens Environmental Council of Burlingame - is a volunteer organization that provides leadership in local green efforts. The CEC succeeded the City's Green Ribbon Task Force, where their effort culminated in the Burlingame City Council's adoption of the 2009 Climate Action Plan.

Sustainable San Mateo County produces an annual Sustainability Indicators Report for the county.

San Mateo County Open Data Portal offers a look at different metrics in Burlingame on energy use and other sectors.

San Mateo County Energy Watch- a County supported multi-city initiative to provide guidance to jurisdictions in preparing and implementing climate action plans.