Wastewater Treatment Facility

Burlingame Wastewater Treatment FacilityThe City of Burlingame Wastewater Treatment Facility located at 1103 Airport Boulevard became operational during 1935-36. The facility has a designed capacity to treat 5.5 MGD (million gallons per day) of wastewater per day and 16 MGD during wet weather. In 1972, the City of Burlingame contracted with Veolia Water North America to provide full operations and maintenance services for the facility. To contact the Wastewater Treatment Facility, please call 650-342-3727.

Indoor Pollution Prevention

  1. Stop FOG Clogs - Pouring cooking oil down your sink can clog your sewer pipes. If you have a lot of leftover fats, oil, or grease (FOG), collect it in a jar and dispose of it in the trash. For smaller amounts, absorb the oil with a paper napkin and compost it.
  2. Proper Medicine Disposal - If you have old medicine or unused prescription drugs, DON’T flush them down the toilet or sink since they contain chemicals that can harm fish and other animals.
  3. Toilets Are Not Trashcans - Poop, paper and pee are the only three things that should be flushed in the toilet. Anything else can lead to sewer back-ups or cause problems for the wastewater treatment plant.

The Burlingame partnership has withstood the test of time and given the industry a strong template for public-private partnerships. The partnership has also received notable recognition for excellence as noted below:

Odor Complaints?

Treating wastewater can sometimes create odor nuisances. If you experience odors, please report them to the Wastewater Treatment Facility by calling 650-342-3727. We will identify the odor and correct it.