Street Sweeping Program

The City of Burlingame’s street sweepers come through your neighborhood during the weekdays to sweep your streets. It is difficult to clean roadways where there are parked cars along the curb. Please help us improve our ability to pick up leaves, debris, and storm drain pollutants by moving parked cars off the street on the morning (or night before) sweeping occurs.

Burlingame Street Sweeping Program   StreetSweepingTip

How often does street sweeping occur?
During the spring and summer months (April through September), street sweeping is performed every other week.

During the fall and winter months (October through March), the street sweeping is performed on a weekly basis

To find which week our sweepers will be by your neighborhood, view our 2024 Street Sweeping Calendar.

What street sweeping district do I live in?
View our Street Sweeping map in a new window.


What if the leaves are trapped between parked cars?
Since many of us are working remotely there are more cars parked on the street that make it difficult for our sweepers to pick up the leaves. In that case, you can help us collect the leaf litter on your street by sweeping the leaves towards the middle of the street the day before your street sweeping day.

If you have any other questions, please call the Public Works Corporation Yard at 650-558-7670.