Storm Preparedness

Burlingame’s incorporation in 1908 resulted in the construction boom of homes and businesses that slowly altered the natural permeable terrain. Over time the creeks have been altered, with some being covered by means of a culvert (pipe) under the roadway. Therefore, our creeks are even more vital to the cities infrastructure to prevent flooding. Some areas of the creek are maintained by the City, but the majority flow through private property and it’s the owner’s responsibility to keep the creeks clear of any obstructions and protect the natural embankment from erosion.

How to Prepare for a Storm
It’s never too early to prepare for a storm. Here are some tips that you can take to prepare your home or business for the next storm event:

  1. Consider getting flood insurance for your property. Find your property’s flood map by entering your address in the FEMA Flood Map Service Center.
  2. Sign up for emergency alerts in San Mateo County with SMC Alert.
  3. Make sandbags for your property. A free sandbag station is located at 600 California Drive.
  4. For property owners with natural creek beds on their property, clear the creek beds of debris.
  5. Prepare a family emergency plan and emergency kit for your home and car with supplies. Visit www.ready.gov/make-a-plan for more information.
  6. Examine your house for cracks in the foundation, exterior walls, and small openings around pipes and seal them.
  7. Clean rain gutters, dry wells, French drains, and stormwater inlet junction boxes so that they are free of debris.
  8. Capture rainwater by installing a rain barrel. Save $200 off a barrel with this rebate.
  9. Adopt a storm drain near your home or business by pledging to keep it clean of litter and debris.

City’s Efforts to Minimize Flooding
The City has been working to minimize flooding in Burlingame with the construction of storm drain improvement projects outlined in the $39 million Capital Improvement Program that was created with the resident-approved storm drain fee in May 2009.

Storm Resources:

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Call the Public Works Department for emergency flooding, blocked storm drains, or creek concerns at 650-558-7670.