Stormwater Requirements for New Development Projects

Urban development is a major contributor to stormwater pollution. Development or redevelopment of a property presents an opportunity to incorporate post-construction controls that can reduce water quality impacts over the life of the project. The California Regional Water Quality Control Board has issued a county-wide Municipal Regional Stormwater Permit (also referred as the MRP) to regulate stormwater discharges from municipalities and local agencies in San Mateo County. As a result of this permit, the City of Burlingame has implemented stormwater control measures for large new development and redevelopment projects. This page provides resources to help project applicants comply with the City of Burlingame's stormwater requirements in development project designs. 

Before Construction

Stormwater Management Plan Resources:

Plan Submittal Documents:

During Construction
10 Steps To Prevent Stormwater Pollution At Construction Site
Ensure that your construction site has implemented the following best management practices:
  1. Conduct daily site inspections.
  2. Maintain construction entrance and exit so it minimizes the amount of sediment leaving the construction site.
  3. Protect landscaping and stockpiled soil materials from wind and rain by storing them under tarps.
  4. Store hazardous materials in sealed containers and on top of secondary containment.
  5. Cover open dumpsters securely with a tarp when not in use or if raining.
  6. Inspect portable toilets for leaks and place them within the construction site.
  7. Install perimeter controls around the site, such as staking fiber rolls into the ground or installing silt fences.
  8. Protect all nearby storm drains, such as installing filter fabric or using gravel bags, to prevent sediments from entering the drain during construction. Sand bags may be temporarily removed if flooding will occur because of them.
  9. Provide a contained and lined pit for washing concrete, paint, or stucco.
  10. Keep the Stormwater Construction Pollution Prevention Permit at work site.
  11. Educate workers about these best management practices.
Construction Resources:

Operations and Maintenance Agreement
For projects that are required to install a stormwater treatment facility, an Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Agreement must be completed and recorded with the San Mateo County Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder's Office. The O&M Agreement will consist of the following five items:

  1.  A completed and signed Operation and Maintenance Agreement (download the O&M template here)
  2. Exhibit A: Legal Description of Property
  3. Exhibit B: Stormwater Management Plan with BMP section details and planting plan (if installing plants)
  4. Exhibit C: Maintenance Plan
  5. Exhibit D: Operation and Maintenance Inspection Report
Maintenance Plan Templates
(for Exhibit C)
O&M Inspection Report Templates
(for Exhibit D)
  • Bioretention Area (Word)
  • Flow-through Planter (Word)
  • Infiltration Trench (Word)
  • Media Filter (Word)
  • Permeable Pavement (Word)
  • Rainwater Harvesting System (Word)
  • Tree Well Filter (Word)

Annual Operation and Maintenance Verification
The City of Burlingame requires property owners to keep stormwater treatment measures in good repair. City staff will periodically inspect these treatment measures for proper operation and maintenance.

How to Comply:

1. Identify where your stormwater treatment measures are located. Consult the fact sheets below for pictures of each stormwater treatment measure and information on how to maintain it. The stormwater treatment measures are usually outlined in the civil engineering drawings of your building permit plans.

2. Inspect and maintain your stormwater treatment measures. Complete the operation and maintenance inspection report(s), see table below for templates. Property owners who are looking for qualified maintenance professionals may consult with individuals who are on the ReScape Qualified Professionals Directory (note that this is not an exhaustive list of available professionals who can perform maintenance tasks).

3. Take photos of each of your stormwater treatment measures. After conducting routine maintenance, take a photo of each stormwater treatment measure on your property.

4. Submit your completed inspection report(s) and photos to the City.
To submit by email: stormwater@burlingame.org
To submit by mail: City of Burlingame, Public Works Department, 501 Primrose Road, Burlingame, CA 94010

Fact Sheets
Inspection Report Templates
  • Bioretention Area (PDF)
  • Flow-Through Planter (PDF)
  • Media Filter (PDF)
  • Permeable Pavement (PDF)