Sewer Lateral Test


The City requires this test ONLY to ascertain whether a lateral may be allowing excess groundwater into the City’s main sewer system. The database below contains the list of addresses whose owners have had this limited sewer test performed or have repaired or replaced their sewer lateral piping for one reason or another since late 1986 and the test was witnessed by the City. This ordinance test shall not be considered a replacement for any testing requirements under the Uniform Plumbing Code, due diligence, or otherwise. This sewer test database does not purport to confirm that the piping is in proper alignment, at proper grading, or is of the proper materials, nor is free from defects, root infiltration, or potential blockage material.  A passing test performed on existing piping or piping that required only repairs is excused from retesting under the City ordinance for 10 years from date of testing before any retesting is required by this ordinance. A sewer installation or replacement where all piping from the structure to, and including, a new cleanout in the City’s right-of-way was apparently replaced is excused from testing under the ordinance for 25 years. (In circumstances where the piping between the structure and the City’s right-of-way is less than 6 feet long and where there is no history of maintenance problems, the City may exempt such piping from testing.)  All condominium properties are currently exempted in the ordinance.  At the time of a sewer test or upon inspection of a new sewer installation, the owner or plumber is given a copy of the test results, the second copy is submitted for update of this database and then filed with the Building Department. If there is a question about dates used in this database or if your test result doesn’t appear in this database, please submit verification to the Public Works Department. Ordinance last modified February 2000. This web page is for information only. Property owners and prospective property purchasers or investors should not rely on this page in making property investments. Sewer laterals should be checked by licensed professionals to verify any condition; and the actual written records on file with the Building Department, property owner, and elsewhere should be checked and verified. If the sewer lateral test certificate record on file has expired, retesting is required. Contact the Public Works Engineering Division at 650-558-7230 for more information.

If you agree to the terms and conditions mentioned above, click here to access the sewer lateral test certificate records.