Informal Bid Opportunities

The City of Burlingame solicits bids, quotes, and proposals for a wide variety of projects, equipment and services.  Solicitation of quotes, bids, and proposals are done in accordance with the Burlingame Municipal Code and State Law. 

In 1993, the City Council adopted Informal Bidding Procedures as described in the Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act (Section 22000 of the Public Contract Code).  The Informal Bidding Procedures allow the City to award contracts for public construction projects which meet specific criteria for cost utilizing the informal bidding process set forth in Public Contract Code Section 22034.

The City of Burlingame utilizes the informal bidding process for smaller public works projects (under $75,000) per the California Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act.  When a project is to be awarded via informal bidding, contractors that have registered with the City will be notified of the bid opportunity.

The City is transitioning to an electronic bidding platform for projects that follow the informal bidding process.  All licensed contractors are invited to register on the City’s bidding platform to receive notifications of informal bid opportunities, and to submit bids for these projects.  To register please visit our Vendor Portal.

Once registered, you are able to begin utilizing the full benefits of the system and maintain your profile at any time by revisiting the same site above.