Medicine Disposal

Flushing Meds Threatens Watersheds!

medprojectkiosk_1How to Dispose Medicines Properly:
Do you have unwanted or expired medicines that are just collecting dust in cabinets or on side tables? Tidy up your home and properly dispose those unnecessary medicines at one of our convenient, safe medicine disposal sites in Burlingame:

1871 El Camino Real

260 El Camino Real

For a complete list of sites, please visit the San Mateo County's Medicine Disposal webpage. To find a safe home needle disposal site, click here.

Improper Disposal of Medicines Threaten Our Watershed and Community…

Never flush medicine down the toilet. Medicines fall into the pollutant category of pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs). Disposal of any PPCPs via toilet flush directly contributes to a chemical cocktail in the Bay and other water sources. Trace contaminants of a chemical cocktail kill essential sea life, while posing an imminent threat to our precious clean water supply. Some impacts of chemical cocktails on public health are still unknown.

Never give your medication to a friend or family member. Your doctor prescribed medicine to you based on your specific symptoms and medical history. The prescribed medicine that worked for you could be extremely dangerous for someone else. Keep prescribed medicine locked away from children and teens.

Never throw medicine in trash bins. The CDC recently published a study which estimated that the number of U.S. drug overdose-related deaths rose to a record of over 72,000 in 2017. Disposing medicines in trash bins has the potential for these substances to end up in the wrong hands (i.e., someone who is intentionally going through trash to find drugs). While some agencies have previously promoted the disposal of medicines in baggies filled with coffee grounds or kitty litter in the trash bin, the City of Burlingame asks residents to only dispose prescribed medication at a safe medicine disposal site.

By disposing medicines properly, you are directly making our community safer and cleaner.