Certificate Form & Map

Per the Backwater Protection Ordinance No. 1710 on sanitary sewer drainage system, whenever any drainage fixture unit is to be added to real property, the property owner shall file with the Building Department a written certificate by a licensed professional determining whether any plumbing fixture, existing and/or proposed, has an inadequate height differential where sewer backflow may occur. If such a situation exists, the property owner shall provide the backwater protection described in section 18.12.080 or permanently remove the sanitary sewer drainage unit fixture or fixtures that have an inadequate height.

Per section 15.10.029 of the Municipal Code, an "inadequate height differential" means that the flood level rim of a drainage unit fixture on a property’s sanitary sewage drainage system is less than one foot above the next upstream manhole or flushing inlet cover on the sanitary sewer main serving the fixture’s drainage piping.

A blank certificate form and a copy of the sanitary sewer map showing the approximate location of the next upstream manhole or flushing inlet cover can be obtained at the Public Works Engineering Department, 501 Primrose Road, 2nd Floor. A PDF copy of the blank certificate form can also be obtained below:

The completed Backwater Protection Certificate must first be reviewed by the Engineering Department prior to submittal to the Building Department. If there are any questions, please contact the Engineering Department at 650-558-7230.