Caltrain Electrification Project

Caltrain Electrification is a key component of the Caltrain Modernization Program that will electrify the Caltrain Corridor from San Francisco’s 4th and King Station to approximately the Tamien Station in San Jose and replace diesel-hauled trains with electric trains. Caltrain Electrification will improve Caltrain system performance, enable more frequent and/or faster train service, and reduce long- term environmental impacts by reducing noise, improving regional air quality and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Caltrain Electrification is scheduled to be operational by 2022.

On February 3, Caltrain staff provided information about upcoming construction activities in Burlingame, including construction of the paralleling station which will help distribute power to the new electric trains. The paralleling station will be located on the east side of the Caltrain tracks near 1369 North Carolan Avenue.

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