Graffiti Abatement

Report It 

  • Report graffiti to the police department by calling 650-777-4100  immediately or generate a service request online using accessBurlingame. The sooner it is reported, the sooner it can be removed.
  • If you see graffiti in progress, report it—don’t try to intervene. Call 911 or 650-777-4100 to report it.
  • Encourage everyone in the community to report graffiti as soon as it happens. 
  • Take a photo of the graffiti. It may provide information that will lead to identification of the vandal. 
Remove It 
  • Removing graffiti promptly (within the first 24 hours if possible) is the best way to prevent it. Prompt, persistent removal usually results in a nearly zero rate of recurrence. 
  • When painting over graffiti, save some of the paint for touchups in the event of future vandalism. 

Prevent It 
  • Rapid removal is one of the best ways to prevent future graffiti. Removing graffiti tells the vandals that people care about the community and that their work has little chance of being seen. 
  • Plain smooth surfaces invite graffiti. For walls, choose patterned and rough concrete surfaces or tiled or mosaic surfaces; for fences, use chain, lattice, or wooden picket fences. 
  • Plant trees, shrubs, or climbing vines to restrict access to tempting walls. Plants with thorns or strong scents are good deterrents. 
  • Use good lighting to deter vandals from popular graffiti sites.