Residential Design ReviewAll new houses built in Burlingame, most second-story additions and some single-story additions require an application to the Planning Commission for Residential Design Review.  Projects will be reviewed for compliance with the Residential Design Guidebook, which offers guidance on appropriate design based on the style of the existing home and the character of the surrounding neighborhood.

Projects must also comply with the R-1 zoning district regulations, which specify building setbacks, lot coverage, height and floor area ratio, a measurement of how much house will be allowed on a lot, depending on the lot size and on whether it is a corner or interior lot, or whether the garage is attached to the house or detached.

The design review project will also be reviewed for compliance with parking regulations.  A house with up to four bedrooms is required to have one covered parking space and one uncovered space (in the driveway).  For houses with five or more bedrooms, two covered spaces and one uncovered space are required.

As a part of a design review application, a landscape plan is required and the project may be required to plant new landscape trees.  The Planning Department Tree List has been compiled to provide guidance to homeowners on what types of trees to use in different situations.  The trees on this list are known to have successful growth in Burlingame.

Application to the Planning Commission

Residential Design Review Submittal Requirements