Conditional Use Permits, Minor Use Permits & Variances

Conditional Use Permit and Minor Use Permit
The City recognizes that certain uses, due to the nature of use, intensity, or size, require special review to determine if the use proposed, or the location of that use, is compatible with surrounding uses, or through the imposition of development and use conditions, can be made compatible with surrounding uses. To ensure compatibility with zoning regulations and surrounding properties, conditional uses require special consideration. The Conditional Use Permit and Minor Use Permit are provided for this purpose.

Conditional Use Permit Application Form

The City has determined that some uses may be processed by a Minor Use Permit (administrative review). 

Minor Use Permit Review Procedures
Minor Use Permit Application Form

Variances are only approved when, because of special circumstances applicable to a property, the strict application of the Municipal Code denies the owner of the property privileges enjoyed by other property located nearby and in an identical zone.  Specific findings are required and associated conditions are applied that would work together to guarantee that the Variance shall not constitute an approval of special privilege(s) inconsistent with the limitations upon other property in the vicinity and zone in which the subject property is located.

Variance Application Form