General & Specific Plans

General Plan
A new Burlingame General Plan was adopted in 2019. Please refer to the General Plan Update page for the new plan.

Downtown Specific Plan
The Downtown Specific Plan was adopted in 2010. The Executive Summary of the Burlingame Downtown Specific Plan provides an overview of the adopted plan document, the goals of the plan, and a summary of each of the plan's chapters. The adopted Downtown Specific Plan is available for download below.

North Rollins Specific Plan
The North Rollins Specific Plan was adopted in 2023. The adopted plan is available for download below. To learn more about the planning process, visit the project website  at www.northrollinsspecificplan.com.

Broadway Specific Plan - In Progress
The City of Burlingame has started the process of creating the Broadway Specific Plan. The General Plan, known calls for Broadway to maintain its character as a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use district that supports and encourages local businesses and local investment, and that serves as a gathering place for Burlingame residents and a quaint destination for visitors.

The specific plan will address issues and opportunities presented by the restoration of full service of Caltrain at the Broadway station, as well as the proposed grade separation project for the existing at-grade railroad crossing. Both of these initiatives promise to have implications on land use and circulation in the neighborhood. For more information, visit the project web page at www.burlingame.org/broadwayplan

All information should be confirmed with the Planning Division - Phone (650) 558-7250