General & Specific Plans

General Plan
A new Burlingame General Plan was adopted in 2019. Please refer to the General Plan Update page for the new plan.

Downtown Specific Plan
The Downtown Specific Plan was adopted in 2010. The Executive Summary of the Burlingame Downtown Specific Plan provides an overview of the adopted plan document, the goals of the plan, and a summary of each of the plan's chapters. The adopted Downtown Specific Plan is available for download below.

North Rollins Road Specific Plan - In Progress
The City of Burlingame has started the process of creating the North Rollins Road Specific Plan.  In January 2019 the City of Burlingame adopted a new General Plan, known as “Envision Burlingame.” The plan provides direction to establish a “Mixed Use District” in the north end of the Rollins Road corridor, within walking distance of the Millbrae BART/Caltrain station.  The General Plan includes the following Goal:

  • Goal CC-12: Recreate Rollins Road as two distinct but complementary districts, with the southern two-thirds of the corridor supporting industrial and creative business enterprises and the northern one-third of the corridor reimagined as a live/work complete residential neighborhood – with parks, tree-lined streets, and a pedestrian orientation – that connects to the Millbrae multimodal transit station.

The objective of the Specific Plan is to provide the framework for this new focus, where residents and creative businesses have ready access to transit, supportive commercial businesses, and public and private open space amenities.  Streetscape improvements will emphasize a pedestrian and bicycle focus, while still accommodating industrial related traffic through to Millbrae Avenue and Broadway.

The Specific Plan will evaluate the capacity of the existing roadway network, traffic circulation needs, parking needs, water, wastewater and stormwater systems requirements in order to meet the needs of proposed development, and make recommendations accordingly.

Bicycle Transportation Plan
The City of Burlingame has adopted a Bicycle Transportation Plan, adopted in 2004, is a policy document which provides guidance for future bicycle improvements and programs. A subcommittee of the Traffic, Safety and Parking Commission and the Planning Commission worked with City staff to prepare the plan.

The Bicycle Transportation Plan is an amendment to the Circulation Element of the General Plan, and has been certified by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) and accepted by Caltrans. With a certified bicycle plan, the City becomes eligible for certain State and Federal funding for bicycle projects.

All information should be confirmed with the Planning Division - Phone (650) 558-7250