Home Occupation

A person may operate a business from their home, also known as a home occupation, with approval of a Home Occupation Permit and Business License.  The purpose is to allow for the conduct of home occupations that are deemed incidental to, and compatible with, surrounding residential uses while maintaining the residential character of residential neighborhoods.  Regulations for Home Occupation Permits, including compliance with standards and conditions, are found in Burlingame Municipal Code Chapter 25.72.

Examples of permitted home occupations include a home office, consulting business, online sales business, and cottage food operation.   All persons engaged in the conduct of a home occupation must be a resident (one non-resident is permitted). 

Please note that certain businesses are prohibited as home occupations, including a barbershop/beauty salon, carpentry and welding/metal work, automobile repair or painting, and medical/dental offices.  For a complete list of prohibited home occupations, please see Code Section 25.72.030.


Step 1:

Complete the Home Occupation Permit Application and submit it by email (burlingame@HDLgov.com) to the HdL Business License Processing Center.  If the applicant does not own the home in which the home occupation is to be located, the property owner or their legal representative will need to sign the application form acknowledging their awareness of the application.

Step 2:
Planning Division staff will review the Home Occupation Permit Application and confirm whether or not it complies with the standards and regulations.  In the event the Home Occupation Permit Application is denied,  you will be notified. 

Apply Online with HdL 
If you have any questions regarding Home Occupation Permits, please contact the Planning Division at planningdept@burlingame.org or (650) 558-7250.