About Us

Generation Voter (Gen V) is an initiative designed to provide inspirational entry points for young, motivated voters to engage in and learn about the election process, voting mechanics, and government advocacy. Gen V aims to objectively inform  our next generation of voters so that they can impact a brighter future on both a local and national level.

Sisters Ava and Ella Giere serve as interns for the City Clerk of Burlingame, Meaghan Hassel-Shearer. They came up with this project after hearing from friends that they wanted to vote but didn't know how.  

Ella is a student at Washington University in St. Louis. She organized two youth voter registration drives, registering 157 voters in 90 minutes. Ella loves photography and American history, and is still grieving the retirement of her childhood hero, Buster Posey.
Ava, an incoming first-year at Washington University in St. Louis, is the creative force behind the design, graphics, and social media posts. Ava loves late night comedy, backpacking, and root beer floats.  

You can follow Generation Voter on Instagram @generationvoter