Solar Rooftop

Small Residential Rooftop Photovoltaic System 10kW or Less

Solar Photovoltaic Installation 10 kW or Less

To Apply for This Small Residential Rooftop Solar Permit:

Step 1: Review the Submittal Requirements here  

Step 2: Using the information found in the Submittal Requirements, prepare the following four documents:

                 A. Building Permit Application

                 B. Eligibility Checklist

                 C (1). Standard Plan 1 - Central String Inverter


                 C (2). Standard Plan 2 - Microinverter

                 D. Structural Criteria

Step 3: Submit your completed application package either through this link or by email to: 


NOTE: You may need to cut and paste this email address into your web browser.

A Building Division staff member will contact you within three business days of receipt of your submittal package with the status of your application.

A guide to the Inspection Requirements for small rooftop solar permits that meet one of the Standard Plans can be found here.

Contact the Building Division at 650-558-7260, or at Buildingpermits@burlingame.org if you have any questions about this process.