Reach Codes

 What is a Reach Code?  Reach Codes are requirements that go beyond the standard building codes. Reach Codes are often adopted in conjunction with the triennial code cycle of the California Building Codes.

Burlingame’s 2022 Reach Code
This applies to new construction projects whose initial submittal to Burlingame was after December 31, 2022. This was adopted as an amendment to the 2022 California Green Building Standards Code, Title 24, Part 11. 

New Single Family 2022 Reach Code Checklist Fill in and submit a copy of this checklist with every submittal for a new building. 

2022 Reach Code for New Construction

2022 Reach Code Staff Report

The previous Reach Codes sunset on December 31, 2022, and only apply to new construction projects that were submitted between Oct 16, 2020 and January 1, 2023.

For Projects That Fall Under The 2020 Reach Codes:
New Single Family 2020 Reach Code Checklist
New Low Rise  Multi  Family 2020 Reach Code Checklist
New Commercial or High Rise Residential 2020 Reach Code Checklist

2020 Reach Code Ordinances were adopted as an amendment to the 2019 California Energy Code, Title 24, Part 6:
Single Family Residential (Ord 1979)
Multiunit Residential (Ord 1980)
Commercial (Ord 1981)

Contact Us: For information about the Reach Codes, Green Building, or CalGreen, contact Senior  Green Building Specialist Joe McCluskey by email or by phone at 650-558-7273. For information about Burlingame’s Climate Action Plan, please contact Sustainability Coordinator Sigalle Michael by email.

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