Construction Permit Application & Plan Check

Application and Plan Submittal 

At the time of application, please submit two (2) sets of plans (minimum paper size is 11" x 17", minimum scale 1/4"), along with your completed application worksheet. Two sets of plans must be stamped and wet signed by the architect or other design professional, if applicable. Submit an electronic set of plans for every permit.  

Please be sure your worksheet provides the information requested in each section and is signed at the bottom. Include a brief description of the proposed work and the valuation of the construction, including the amount of all labor. The valuation includes the fair market value of all materials and labor, including time spent by the owner/builder on the project.

Plan check fees will be calculated  when the plans and application are submitted for plan check, and you will be contacted with payment information and procedures. Include a valid email with your submittal.

Complete plan sets shall include the following: 

Site plan with proposed grades, and property lines with landmarks and a survey confirming property lines. Plot plan should show location of the proposed building with respect to property lines; any existing building(s) that will remain on the property; existing and proposed driveway; utilities (water meter, sewer cleanout), fire hydrants, trees, power poles or any other fixed object between property lines and curb (see attached example). 

Elevation views of the structure, both existing and proposed if applicable. 

Floor plans, both existing and proposed if applicable. 

Framing and structural plans 

For new or alterations to existing commercial or multi-residential buildings, plans shall include a vertical section of the primary entrance and any other entrances required by code. Where appropriate, include a complete grade profile of the path of travel from disabled parking and public way to and through the new building or area affected by the alteration. 

For any construction involving installation of more than three (3) plumbing fixture units, include a list of all existing and proposed fixtures and required meter size (see attached tables). Note on the plans whether or not any new irrigation system or expansion of existing is included in the current project. 

Any other plans, diagrams or details necessary to provide a clear and concise picture of what is proposed. 

If Energy or Structural Calculations are required, submit two (2) sets of each in 8 1/2" x 11" format, wet-stamped and signed. 

Please make sure you have all necessary items. Incomplete or partial submittals will not be accepted. 

The Plan Check Process: 

When all plans, calculations, etc. are found to be ready for plan checking and the fee has been paid, the date of permit application shall be considered the original submittal date. Note: to ensure fairness, all plans are checked in order by date of submittal (or re-submittal). 

Plans will be routed to appropriate departments (Planning, Engineering, etc. ) for review. If plans are not approved by all departments, the applicant shall be emailed a list of corrections to be made on original tracings. When corrected, plans shall be re-submitted to the Building Division by the applicant, along with detailed response letters to every department that issued comments. 

Upon approval of the plans, the applicant will be notified by our department. At this time additional paperwork may need to be completed, such as the Recycling Plan, Stormwater Permit, or Backwater Certification, etc. Once all the paperwork has been completed, payment information will be sent to the Contractor.  The permit will be issued to the party doing the work (contractor or owner) upon full payment of fees due. Contractors must have a State of California Contractors License, a City Business License and a copy of their Certificate of Workers Compensation Insurance, which must be presented before the building permit can be issued. Permits will not be issued without these items. 

Applications for which no permit has been issued within 180 days following the original submittal date shall expire by limitation. The Building Official may extend the expiration date for up to an additional 180 days upon written request from the applicant, prior to the expiration date, showing that circumstances beyond their control have prevented action from being taken. No application shall be extended more than once. After an application has expired the applicant must resubmit plans, complete a new application and pay a new plan check fee and any outstanding fees from the previous application. 

Roof Truss Packages: Provide two wet-stamped sets of truss calculations along with a letter of approval from the engineer of record for the project and a roof truss layout plan. Please be advised there will be added Plan Check fees for all deferred submittals.