2017 Citywide Sanitary Sewer Point Repair

City Project No. 84830

This project was a routine condition assessment of the City's sanitary sewer system identifying locations with high priority structural deficiencies and inflow and infiltration (I&I). This project consisted of removing the structural deficiencies and replacing with new polyvinyl chloride pipe thereby reducing I&I, improving conveyance within the system, and extending the life of the pipe.

:  This project included different locations within the City of Burlingame, on streets and easements. The work consisted of repair of pipe failures at various locations in the City; rehabilitation of manholes; reparation of the site, notification of property owners and traffic control; removal of street pavement, sidewalk, driveway or easements (generally earth); excavation of existing pavement and earth; removal and disposal of ACP sewer main; backfilling and compaction of trench back to grade per specifications; cleaning, pressure test and CCTV inspection pre and post-construction of repaired pipe or structure; and paving or concrete replacement as needed.

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