Miscellaneous Reservoir and Pump Station Improvements Project

City Project No. 84200

This project constructed a new motor control center and also removed soil from the top of the Hillside reservoir. A reliable SCADA system will improve the water quality to the community. This project also included the installation of a new treatment plant wash pad. The new wash pad will improve public safety by removing the vacuum truck washing run-off from the public street. The new wash pad will reduce storm water pollution by sending the vacuum truck washing run-off to the treatment plant.

Scope: The work consisted of installing a new Pump Station Control House with associated electrical equipment and site improvements - removal of an existing wood retaining wall and installation of a new concrete retaining wall, new asphalt concrete pathways, removal of an existing pump control house and construction of a new Pump control house with concrete block walls on a concrete foundation and relocation, reconnection and test all the electrical, control and instrumentation equipment, and traffic control at Hillside Reservoir on 2832 Hillside Drive in the City of Burlingame; and installation of a City-furnished Wash Pad electrolier on a new concrete foundation, underground conduit and wire, light switch and connections to the existing 277/ 480V electric service cabinet at the Waste Water Treatment Plant on 1103 Airport Blvd in the City of Burlingame.

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