Easton Addition and Neighborhood Sewer Rehabilitation, Phase 3

City Project No. 84192

This project rehabilitated the sanitary sewer pipelines within the lower portion of Easton Addition No.7 Subdivision. The project replaced and upsized existing deteriorated vitrified clay pipes that have high inflow and infiltration with new polyvinyl chloride and high-density polyethylene pipe. This project reduces inflow and infiltration towards the wastewater treatment plant and complies with the Bay Keepers mandate. 

: The work consisted of constructing approximately 3,175 LF of new 8-inch sanitary sewer pipe throughout the Easton Addition neighborhood using open cut, pipe bursting, and pipe reaming in the public right-of-way, along easement areas, and in private properties. Other related work included installation and replacement of manholes, cleanouts and laterals by pipe bursting, or open cut, rehabilitation of manholes, temporary bypass pumping, connecting all laterals, and other related miscellaneous works.

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