Peninsula Wellness Community

The Peninsula Health Care District (PHCD) has been in the process of planning for the site of the former Peninsula Hospital, in the vicinity of Trousdale Drive between Marco Polo Way and the Mills Peninsula Medical Center (MPMC).

An application was submitted for a master plan for the site in 2016. Since that time, the PHCD has selected a new development team, and is in the process of preparing a new development application. An application has not yet been submitted.

The planning area is partially within the North Burlingame Mixed Use (NBMU) zoning district and partially within the Public/Institutional (PI) zoning district. 

Once an application has been submitted to the City of Burlingame, there will be numerous opportunities for the public to provide input. At a minimum, there will be at least two Planning Commission meetings and one City Council meeting:

  • Planning Commission Design Review Study Meeting - First meeting to review the proposed project, receive public input, and provide direction to the applicant. No decision will be made in this meeting.
  • Planning Commission Action Meeting - After receiving public input, the Planning Commission will make a recommendation to the City Council on the proposed project as well as the environmental review.
  • City Council Meeting #1 - After receiving public input, the City Council will review the Planning Commission recommendation, and make an initial decision on the project.
Other meetings may be added depending on the results of each meeting. 

This web page will be updated once an application has been filed.

The City Council received an update of the Peninsula Wellness Community at its meeting on July 2, 2018. The meeting may be viewed here

Meeting Documents:

Project Planners                       Project Applicant 
Erika Lewit            Kevin Gardiner           Cheryl Fama
Senior Planner           Community Development Director           Peninsula Health Care District
650-558-7250           650-558-7250           415-697-6900