The City of Burlingame has started the process of creating the Broadway Specific Plan. 

In January 2019 the City of Burlingame adopted a new General Plan, known as “Envision Burlingame.” The plan calls for Broadway to maintain its character as a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use district that supports and encourages local businesses and local investment, and that serves as a gathering place for Burlingame residents and a quaint destination for visitors.

The specific plan will address issues and opportunities presented by the restoration of full service of Caltrain at the Broadway station and the proposed grade separation project for the existing at-grade railroad crossing. Both of these initiatives promise to have implications on land use and circulation in the neighborhood.

To share feedback or photos concerning the plan and its materials below, please consult: https://migcom.egnyte.com/ul/kYVLcn0Qio

To view the survey about the project design concepts, please consult: https://bit.ly/BurlingameBroadwaySP_CommunitySurvey

A flyer for this survey can be viewed here.

Project Goals
The goal is to create a Broadway Specific Plan that prioritizes the following policy, infrastructure, and mobility goals:

Policy Goals
    • Transit-Oriented Development and Associated Policies: The Broadway neighborhood is within close proximity to the Broadway Caltrain Station. The goals of this policy include increasing housing supply, increasing density for new residential projects, prioritizing affordable housing, increasing businesses and commercial development, prioritizing transit, and supporting active and shared mobility.
    • Affordable Housing: The Broadway Specific Plan needs to align with policies in the City’s Housing Element to provide affordable housing. The Plan will do this by aligning with the Broadway mixed-use zoning district, which implements a mixed-use designation to establish a mixed-use corridor that maintains commercial uses and pedestrian activity along Broadway.
    • Parking: The City would like to explore parking requirements for new developments. A parking study is needed to determine the feasibility of parking exemptions for ground floor commercial uses.
    • Economic Development: There is a desire to protect the mom-and-pop shops that currently exist on Broadway (which also give the area its unique character). There is interest in office/commercial and mixed-use buildings on Broadway.
    • Historic Preservation: The City is interested in studying and prioritizing preserving identified historic buildings and sites. The plan will include a preliminary evaluation of potential historical resources in the study area. This evaluation will help identify properties that meet criteria as historic resources.
    • Alignment with General Plan Policies: The Broadway Specific Plan will align with the Broadway mixed-use district, which establishes a mixed-use corridor that maintains commercial uses and pedestrian activity along Broadway. Within this mixed-use designation, primary ground floors uses shall be retail and service-oriented with residential uses limited to upper floors.
Infrastructure and Mobility Goals
    • Safety Improvements: The City is focused on creating safer, easier, and more accessible bicycle and pedestrian connections that preserve the walkable scale of the Broadway area.
    • Bicycle and Pedestrian Connections: There is a desire to build on the existing Burlingame bicycle network in the Broadway area to create stronger citywide bike connections. There is also a desire to have better access to the Bay Trail, which draws regional visitors (especially with the Bayside Crossing bridge over Highway 101).
    • Transit Access: Caltrain is currently designing a grade separated rail overcrossing to improve safety and allow for faster trains. The design is nearing completion, but construction is not yet funded. This concurrent project will aid in safety and access improvements for the area. 
    • Regional Connections: The Broadway area needs improvements to support and enhance more regional connections. It is currently seen as the “second downtown” area in Burlingame, serving locals with mom-and-pop businesses. The area currently serves a niche and local market, but it has the potential to draw more regional customers.

Community Input
The City of Burlingame is committed to a multi-pronged approach to community engagement that captures the substance and ideas of workers, residents, and users in an authentic and detailed manner. The engagement will include a series of events to understand the community’s preferred vision for the future of Broadway. Community engagement for the Plan is designed to:

  • Gather input that reflects the diversity of Burlingame residents, business owners, property owners, and visitors.
  • Ensure that outreach is accessible and everyone who wishes to participate can participate.
  • Better understand residents’, employers’, and employees’ lived experiences, current challenges, and desires for future improvements.
  • Offer engagement tools to accommodate business and property owner interests and preferences.
  • Foster community buy-in and capacity building to support the future Broadway area land use, streetscape, and mobility improvements.
Community Workshops and Public Events
The City is focused on public engagement and public input to inform of its planning effort. The City encourages the community to actively participate in upcoming events and provide their valued feedback.

  • Pop-up Event #1 - December 21, 2023 between 4:00 – 6:00 pm at the corner of Broadway & Paloma Avenue (in front of the former Big Joe's Cafe)
  • Workshop #1 – Burlingame Community Center, Maple Room, 850 Burlingame Ave, Burlingame, CA 94010 on January 17, 2024 between 6:00 – 8:00 pm. Please see the presentation slides covered at the workshop here.
  • Pop-up Event #2 -  January 17, 2024 between 12:00 – 2:00 pm  at the corner of Broadway & Paloma Avenue (in front of the former Big Joe's Cafe). 
Joint City Council/Planning Commission Meeting - June 14, 2023
The City Council and Planning Commission received an introduction of the Broadway Specific Plan at their annual joint meeting on June 14, 2023. 
BSP_Slides Click here to download the presentation slides
BSP_Report Click here to download the staff report
BSP_Summary Click here to download the meeting summary

Community Advisory Committee (CAC) and Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) Meeting Summaries
 CAC Meeting #1 (August 9, 2023):
Click here to download the summary 

CAC Meeting #2 (November 1, 2023): Click here to download the summary

TAC Meeting # 1 (August 9, 2023): Click here to download the summary

TAC Meeting #2 (November 1, 2023): Click here to download the summary

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