Hoover School Area Sidewalk Improvements on Summit Drive

City Project No. 84490, Federal Aid Project No. CML-5171(022)

Scope: The City of Burlingame intends to install curb, gutter and sidewalk on the eastern half of Summit Drive between Hillside Circle and Easton Drive. Project work would include removal of asphalt pavement on eastern half of road, removal of existing wall, regrading of roadway cross slopes, installation curb, gutter and sidewalk, installation of driveway approaches, installation of asphalt on half of the road, and the removal and reinstallation of driveway pavers.

Project Status:  Construction of the project was completed prior to the start of Hoover School.  The project went to council acceptance on December 20, 2021. Staff is working on the closeout package with Caltrans. (Updated 2/2021)

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