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On December 10, 2018, the City of Burlingame approved the conversion of Parking Lots F and N (please visit the project development webpage for more detailed information about the affordable housing development and public parking garage).  Parking Lots F and N will transform into a new 132-unit affordable housing development, public park, and a state of the art 5-story parking structure offering 368 spaces. During construction both parking lots will be closed to the public and could impact parking in the downtown area. City Council has been working side-by-side with the downtown merchants, Burlingame Downtown Business Improvement District (DBID), Burlingame Chamber of Commerce, Traffic Safety and Parking Commission (TSPC), TSPC subcommittees, and City Council subcommittees to develop alternatives to address the impacts.

On August 19, 2019, City Council approved funding to implement mitigation measures to address the temporary loss of parking during the construction of the Village at Burlingame development.

On October 8, 2019, Lot N was closed and work commenced on the 5-story public parking garage, which will provide an additional 162 new parking spaces.

On April 1, 2020, Lot F will close to allow for construction of the 5-story affordable housing development to proceed. Click here to view Parking Lot F Closure Notification. 

Due to current COVID-19 conditions, City Council has temporarily made Downtown Burlingame Avenue Area parking free. Once normal business activities resume, the City recognizes that there maybe disruptions during construction, and encourages the public to utilize alternative modes of transportation to lessen the impact. 

Parking Mitigation Measures

  • Due to current COVID-19 conditions Valet-assist parking services are temporarily suspended.
  • Lease parking spaces in the Caltrain parking lot at Lot O near Burlingame Train station (adjacent to the donut shop). This will provide approximately 38 parking spaces.
  • City Council converted short-term parking to long-term parking areas along West Lane. This will provide 15 to 20 parking spaces.
  • Creation for an employee incentive program to encourage employees to use alternative modes of transportation.

Combined these mitigation measures yield over 100 parking spaces during the construction of the parking garage structure and housing development. The construction of the parking garage is anticipated to take 12 to 18 months, after which there will be 162 net new additional parking spaces in the downtown.

Alternatives Modes of Transportation

The City encourages you to do your part during the construction of both developments. Walking, biking, carpooling, and taking public transportation will minimize parking impacts to downtown Burlingame Avenue.  Please see public transportation links below.

The City is continuously working with the merchants, DBID, and the Burlingame Chamber of Commerce to identify additional feasible measures and solutions. The solution is also collaborative and necessitates the participation of employees, merchants, visitors, and community members. By embracing alternative modes of transportation these temporary parking impacts will be minimized.

The City of Burlingame appreciates your cooperation and patience during this transformation that will increase the downtown parking supply and add an additional 162 net new parking spaces.


The City welcomes any development or parking questions related to the Village at Burlingame.  Please contact us via email at lotsfnparking@burlingame.org.
You may also visit the project development webpage for more detailed information about the affordable housing development and public parking garage.

Map of Downtown Area

Click here (attachment) for an informational map of upcoming changes to the downtown Burlingame Avenue area.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Due to current COVID-19 conditions, valet-assist parking services have been temporarily suspended.

Where will current parking lot users go during construction?

Parking Lots F and N are offered as 10-hour, pay-by-space parking, typically used by employees that work in the downtown area. Two approaches will be utilized to replace the 10-hour parking lots. The first approach involves a long-term lease with the Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board that operates Caltrain. Through this lease, an additional 40 spaces will be made available at the Burlingame Caltrain parking lot adjacent to parking Lot O. The second approach involves creating additional parking through “valet-assist” parking services. This service will be provided on the top deck of Lot A (the City’s existing parking garage). Valet assist parking will generate additional capacity for approximately 40 to 45 vehicles.

How does “valet-assist” parking work?

Under a valet-assist program, parking attendants would be available to “stack” vehicles in an existing lot to create additional capacity. Stacked parking takes advantage of aisle space to double-park vehicles without disrupting traffic circulation. Drivers may continue to self-park in available stalls, but once these stalls become full, attendants will be available to direct drivers to double-park behind other vehicles. The driver will park as directed, exit their vehicle, lock the car and provide keys to the attendant on duty. A claim ticket will then be provided to the driver to reclaim their keys later. The attendant will move the vehicle only as necessary to allow for another vehicle to safely exit, or to move into a regular parking stall once one becomes available. Due to the nature of valet-assist parking the service is meant for long-term/employee parking.

When will valet-assist parking be offered?

Based on a recent survey, parking demand in the Burlingame downtown area is heighted during Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday; therefore, valet-assist parking service will be offered during these days. The valet-assist parking services are anticipated to begin in October 2019. Hours of operation will be from 8:00am to 6:00pm, and will provide service for long-term/employee parking.

What other measures is the City taking to reduce impacts on parking?

As the Village at Burlingame construction start date approaches in October 2019, an outreach effort will be implemented to encourage employees that would otherwise use long-term parking to utilize other means to get to work. Alternates modes of transportation may include walking, biking, carpooling, and taking public transportation, all of which will minimize parking impacts to downtown Burlingame Avenue. Please see above links to public transportation services.

Will I have to pay more for valet-assist parking services?

There will no additional charges for valet-assist parking services. Pay at the meter, use the pay-by-space machine, or use parking permit as you currently do.

Where will valet-assist parking services be located?

Please reference the informational map of upcoming changes to the downtown Burlingame Avenue area.